Choosing the right tone and words

Do you need a translation of documents in the copyright or neighbouring rights field or a certified translation for the authorities?
Are you trying to get your point across to your audience in German and need to set the right tone?
As a a qualified and sworn translator for English and German I can help you with your projects.
If you have documents outside my language range, I can introduce you to an expert from my network.

An industry specialist for a specialist industry

Are you launching a project in the copyright and related rights arena? Does it have an international context?
I can bring nearly 30 years of experience and a huge global network to the table to support you.
My know-how comes from executive positions at collective management organisations, publishers, labels etc.
If you require consulting support in a field I do not cover, I can help you find an expert within my network that does.


Copyright / neighbouring rights
Master rights

Music publishers
Rights management organisations
Digital platforms

My clients

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